Bundesliga Odds: Betting Sites & Bonuses

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Find the Best Place to Bet on Bundesliga
Betting on the Bundesliga is one of the favourite activities amongst football bettors, so it makes sense that plenty of Bundesliga betting sites are available online. But while locating a sportsbook to bet on is a crucial step in a potentially profitable wagering endeavour, more goes into betting on the top league in the German football system.

The Bundesliga, also known as Fußball-Bundesliga, is a German football league that sits atop the German football league system. Established in 1963, it is the youngest of the “major 5” leagues, but despite its relatively young age, the Bundesliga is widely known for fostering some of the strongest football teams in the world.

With squads such as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, VfL Wolfsburg, and FC Schalke 04, it is no surprise that the Bundesliga is extremely popular amongst viewers and bettors alike. But while locating a bookmaker that offers German Bundesliga betting odds is effortless, there’s more than goes into wagering on this league.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about betting on the Bundesliga; you have come to the right place! Today we take a look at some crucial elements and provide you with all the information you’ll ever need to place smart bets on German soccer, including:

  1. How to find the best Bundesliga betting sites?
  2. How to read Bundesliga wagering odds?
  3. Where to find the best Bundesliga betting tips and predictions?
  4. Tips & tricks for wagering on the Bundesliga.

Best Bundesliga Betting Sites

Every wagering endeavour begins with registering at a sportsbook. And while there is no shortage of bookmakers, you must find a betting site that suits you and provides you with a quality wagering experience.

Like a runner needs a pair of quality shoes to achieve results, soccer bettors need a reputable sportsbook to place their bets. And there are a few simple steps you can take to locate the right betting site for the job.

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First and foremost, the wagering platform you choose needs to have a good reputation and be legal and regulated. This step is essential to ensure the safety of your betting funds and your personal information, as only regulated sportsbooks can promise you that security.

After that, you can focus on 2 key features the quality of the betting odds and the market selection the sportsbook offers. Admittedly most bookmakers offer similar wagering odds, but there are price differences. As minor as those may seem, even the smallest variation in odds can add up in the long run.

Lastly, it helps to register with a sportsbook that offers generous betting bonuses and promotions as those can add more value to your betting experience. The website and mobile app design is also something to consider, but it shouldn’t be the main reason you pick one bookie over the other.

While there is no such thing as the best football bookie, a handful can be regarded as excellent choices. Here is our selection of the top 5 Bundesliga bookies.

The Criteria for Choosing a High-quality Bundesliga Sportsbook

How do you pick the best Bundesliga sportsbook? While it may sound easy, it’s anything but. On the positive side, we’re here to help you determine the best Bundesliga sportsbooks you can easily find on this page.

All the recommended betting sites here at Betzillion meet the top criteria. First and foremost, they’re all licensed. Not surprisingly, they have a wide range of markets on offer, spanning fixed odds and live betting options. They also focus on football competitions and tournaments, offering periodic promotions tailored for the Bundesliga.

On top of it all, they also come with high payouts, which is essential if you want to get the best bet returns. In short, the top Bundesliga bookies on this page have everything you need to enjoy the best possible betting experience.

Offers & Promotions

Making money by betting on soccer or any other sport is a long journey that takes time, dedication, and some luck. That is why it’s essential to gain an edge any way you can, and the best way to do so is by taking advantage of the bookmaker’s offers and promotions.

The general rule states that the more popular a league or sport is, the more available promotions are. So it is no surprise that Bundesliga betting offers are plenty and should be looked for by anyone wagering on the German football league.

You will be able to find promotions and bonuses for the Bundesliga on almost all big-brand bookmakers, but not all offers are the same. So while locating promotions is relatively easy, finding a bookie that offers the best bonuses can be a bit tricker.

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At BetZillion, our mission is to lend bettors a helping hand in their journey, which is why we asked for help from our experts to locate the best wagering sites with the best Bundesliga betting promotions.

Note that while qualifying for the bonuses generally doesn’t take much more than placing a wager on the match or league that has the promotion attached to it, each bookmaker has its terms of how you can collect the reward. So keep an eye on the terms and conditions tied to the offers.

Bundesliga Odds

You will be able to find German Bundesliga odds on almost every sportsbook, but while locating the odds isn’t hard, you must know what they mean. Still, betting on the Bundesliga should be simple for anyone who has wagered on football before, so if you have ever placed a bet on Champions League or any other football competition, you should be set to start wagering on the German football league.

The Bundesliga odds offered by bookies will usually be very similar across all betting operators, but that’s mainly because most bookmakers tend to copy the odds from their competition. Meanwhile, the top sportsbooks will compile their odds by studying the ratings, statistics, and many other factors, which is why there are price differences between betting sites.

German Bundesliga Specials

You can approach betting on the Bundesliga in many ways. Most will bet on the traditional markets, but sometimes you need a bit more excitement in your life – and that’s where special bets or “specials” come in handy.

Special wagers open up a whole new approach to betting on the Bundesliga. And beyond that, these stakes can also prove highly profitable since they generally offer higher odds and potentially higher payouts.


The winner market is a simple future bet used to predict who will win the Bundesliga trophy and can be found if you navigate to the section of the bookie that offers Bundesliga title odds. It is a trendy bet type amongst bettors, mainly because the Bundesliga winner odds tend to be very generous

Although most winner bets are placed before the league begins, more experienced punters can find great value in odds to win the Bundesliga midway through the season and even in the final weeks of the competition.

Past Bundesliga Winners

History is always important. Who won the Bundesliga last year? Check out our custom table of past Bundesliga winners and see if a pattern repeats.

Season Winner Runner-up
20/21 Bayern Munich RB Leipzig
19/20 Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund
18/19 Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund
17/18 Bayern Munich Schalke 04
16/17 Bayern Munich RB Leipzig
15/16 Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund
14/15 Bayern Munich Wolfsburg


Relegation betting is the exact opposite of wagering on the Bundesliga winner. But while there can only be one Bundesliga champion, 3 teams get relegated to the second division of the Bundesliga football system each season.

It offers bettors a bit more security, as there are 3 ways to hit the bet. And while predicting which team will get relegated is easier than picking out the champions, the Bundesliga relegation odds don’t suffer because of that.

Admittedly, the teams that are perceived as the weakest in the league won’t have very high relegation odds, but for experienced bettors, hitting a relegation bet at double digits isn’t as uncommon as it may seem.

Like betting on the winner market, relegation betting is highly popular. And with generous odds and high potential payouts, it’s easy to see why.


Besides betting on which team will win the Bundesliga and which team will end up relegated, football punters have plenty of other team-related special wagers to choose from. Most of these bets are related to where the team will finish the season, allowing you to predict whether a specific team will end the year inside the top/bottom 4/6 or even their exact position.

The size of this market will depend on the bookmaker, but generally, all sportsbooks will have the following team bets:

  • To Finish Top 2/4/6
  • To Finish Bottom 2/4/6
  • Not to Finish Top 2/4/6
  • Not to Finish Bottom 2/4/6
  • To Finish Top/Bottom Half
  • Team Exact Position

So you can bet on that if you believe Borussia Dortmund won’t finish the season inside the top half of the table. Similarly, you can try your luck and place a wager on which position a team will finish the season.

Best Player (Top Goalscorer)

Like you can bet on the performance of any Bundesliga team, and you can also wager on how a certain player will do. The most famous player bet is the top goalscorer, usually found under the Bundesliga Player of the Year odds section.

As its name suggests, the top goalscorer bet allows you to pick a Bundesliga player you believe will score the most goals by the end of the season. The Bundesliga top scorer odds will vary depending on how good the player is and how efficient he is in scoring goals.

Many bettors like to wager on the top goalscorer, one of the most popular special bets. Punters often combine the top goalscorer stake with the winner bet, predicting which team will win the league and which player will end the season with the most goals scored.

Bookmakers will regularly offer special markets that allow you to combine the 2 bets into one, offering significantly higher odds that can easily reach triple-digits.

The Bundesliga is one of the most popular markets in any sportsbook. There are plenty of markets to bet on, ranging from wagers on single games to relegation bets and title winners.

Bets on Single Games

As the name suggests, this market is for single bets only. It doesn’t allow any other combination, so the parlays are off. Single wagers are pretty simple to play, especially for beginners. You only have to pick one outcome in a single match. For example, in the derby between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, you can select Bayern to win or Borussia to lose.

Full-Time Result – 1X2 Betting Market

Predicting the full-time result is one of the most frequent bets on Bundesliga matches. You either pick 1, a win for the home team, X, a draw or pick 2 for the away team to win. The odds vary heavily depending on who’s playing. Draws usually pay the best, but it can be tough to predict, with every team preferring to win their match.

Both Teams to Score Betting and Stats

It is yet another self-explanatory market. Regardless of the result, you are putting your money on both teams to score in a Bundesliga match. A match can end 2-1, 3-3, or 2-4, and you’ll still win. You’re golden if both teams score at least one goal in a match. The same goes for other stats if the bookie allows it, such as both teams getting a penalty.

Outright Betting on the Bundesliga

Outright bets on the Bundesliga are pretty popular among casual and seasoned bettors. These are bets on the title winner at the end of the season, so you’ll have to wait a bit for them to materialize. The bigger the favourite, the shorter the odds. Outright odds for underdogs are long, but they can pay off. ​

Special wagers can be a great way to spice up your betting endeavour. But while specials offer plenty of value and can be highly entertaining, most of your wagers on the Bundesliga will consist of more traditional bets.

Wagering on the Bundesliga is very similar to Ligue 1 betting or any other football league in a way that there are plenty of bets to choose from. But 6 stakes stand out as the most popular, starting with everyone’s favourite Moneyline.


Moneyline is the easiest form of betting and the most common wager type on Bundesliga betting sites. With moneyline, you’re predicting which team will win a match as this is a simple “who will win” bet.

Note that a moneyline differs from a 1×2 wager, even though they both work on the same principle. While moneyline and 1×2 bet types are used to predict which team will win a game, 1×2 also includes a possibility of a draw, whereas moneyline does not.

So since there are only 2 possible outcomes with a moneyline bet, the moneyline odds on Team A to win a match will be lower than the German Bundesliga betting odds on the same team on the 1×2 market.

Point Spread

Often in the Bundesliga, there will be fixtures between 2 teams that are not equally matched, or in other words, between a strong favourite and an underdog. The favourites will be priced at very low odds and will rarely be worth a wager on the moneyline, which is where a points spread bet comes in handy.

A point spread bet is a wager on the margin of victory in a game. It allows you to predict whether Team A will win by more than X goals or team B will lose by less than X goals.

For example, we can take a match between Bayern Munich and Augsburg, where Bayern are heavily favoured to win. With a point spread bet, you can wager on Bayern Munich with a -1.5 goal handicap or Augsburg with a +1.5 goal advantage.

So if you bet on Bayern, you’re predicting they will win by 2 or more goals to spare. A stake on Augsburg with a +1.5 point spread means you’re expecting them to either win, draw or not lose by more than one goal.

The bookmaker will set the point spread based on the team’s perceived strength.

Total (Over/Under)

A total bet (or over/under) is a single wager in which you’re predicting whether a number of a certain statistic in a game will reach over or stay below a predetermined value. This bet type is commonly used to predict how many goals there will be in a football match, although it can also be used for other statistics.

With totals, you can also predict the number of:

  • Corners
  • Red/Yellow Cards
  • Fouls
  • Goal Kicks

The totals are usually half-numbers, such as over/under 2.5 goals. So if you believe that a Bundesliga match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich will end in more than 2 goals, you would bet on over and under if you expect to see no more than 2 goals.


Proposition bets or “Props” are among the most exciting wagers you can make on the Bundesliga or any other league/sport. A prop bet is a wager made regarding an occurrence or non-occurrence of an event during a game that isn’t necessarily related to the outcome.

Props can be quite exotic as there is no limit to what they can include, and the bookmakers set them as they please. An example of a prop bet would be, “Will there be a handball in the game,” you can go even so far as to bet on whether a player will take off his jersey during the match.


Futures or future bets are terms used to describe a large selection of bets related to an event in the future. Since future wagers (or outright bets) are tougher to predict correctly, the odds are generally higher and offer a higher payout on your prediction.

An example of a futures bet is who will win the Major League Soccer, where the MLS Cup odds can easily reach double digits. Besides the league winner, a future wager is also which player will win the Golden Boot, which team will get relegated, and more.

Bet of the Day

At BetZillion, our mission is to help bettors succeed in their wagering endeavours by providing betting guides, sportsbook reviews, and other tips & tricks. But most of all, we pride ourselves on our wagering previews offered by our team of sports betting experts.


To make smarter bets on the Bundesliga, check out our Bundesliga betting preview of the day!

How to Bet on Bundesliga

If you’re of legal age and have access to a sportsbook, you can bet on the Bundesliga. But while anyone can wager on the Bundesliga, making a profit from it is a different story.

It’s easy to start betting on the Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, or any other football league, but if you want to turn it into a lucrative journey, you need to know what you’re doing. No hidden formula will make you an expert in sports betting, but there are a few crucial steps any bettor needs to follow.

  1. Register at a reputable sportsbook.
  2. Alternatively, you can bet on exchanges such as Ladbrokes and Betfair.
  3. Preferably create accounts at several bookies for price shopping.
  4. Take full advantage of welcome promotions and betting bonuses.
  5. Familiarise yourself with the league or sport you’re planning to bet on.
  6. Find a good source of information.
  7. Learn about the odds, markets, and how the bookies operate.
  8. Find the right betting strategy for you.
  9. Learn how to manage your bankroll.

Bundesliga Live Betting & Live Streaming

Betting on the Bundesliga can be fun, and there are many wager types and strategies for you to choose from. Yet out of all bet types at your disposal, none is as exciting as in-play wagering.

In-play betting has been around for a long time and adds a new dimension to your wagering experience. Unlike the usual way of betting on the Bundesliga, live wagering can be much more profitable, as it generously awards more experienced and knowledgeable punters.

With live betting, you’re placing stakes on a game while it unfolds, so it is critical to understand how the teams like to play and any other information that will help you make your prediction. Even more important is access to a stable stream of the game – via a streaming platform, TV, or directly from the bookmaker if it provides such a service.

In-play odds will be highly volatile, and they will constantly change depending on what is happening on the pitch. That is why a calm head and fast decision-making are 2 traits any live bettor must have.

Bundesliga Betting Tips & Predictions

We have already covered how important it is to pick the right sportsbook for betting on the Bundesliga and how far understanding the wagering odds and markets can take you. We have also mentioned how information is the king of betting, but we will discuss it again due to its importance.

No matter how experienced you are in sports betting or how well you understand the markets and odds, you won’t be making money wagering without a proper source of information. Even the most knowledgeable Bundesliga fans can be wrong in judging the match they want to bet on, which is why it’s always wise to look for a second opinion.

The best way to get as much information about upcoming games is to find a reliable website offering Bundesliga betting previews of games from experts in the field. You don’t need to agree with everything an expert says, but even reading through a preview can gain valuable information, which will help you make a smart bet.

German Bundesliga Betting Strategies

Like there are strategies for making money in a casino, there are strategies for betting on sports. The first record of sports wagering dates back over 2,000 years, and throughout all that time, people were looking for the secret recipe, a winning formula, that would guarantee them success.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a betting strategy that will guarantee you profit. While some wagering strategies can be valuable and help you if used wisely, it’s generally more beneficial to gain an edge elsewhere.

Expert punters do so by carefully analyzing the league and the teams they’re betting on and gain an edge over the bookies this way. A perfect example of betting on the Bundesliga is knowing that the German football league produces 3.14 goals per game on average, so betting on overs is far more appealing than in other leagues.

Facts about Betting on Bundesliga

While the Bundesliga is an exciting competition with strong teams such as Bayern Munich, it’s not the most attractive for bettors, at least in the UK. The UK’s volume of bets on the Bundesliga last season was £135,410,187.07 in total. That’s just 2.9% of the total, which puts it low on the list of popular football betting competitions.

Of course, that number is significantly higher in Germany and other parts of Europe. The UK market is primarily focused on the Premier League.

Bundesliga Overview

The Bundesliga might not be as popular amongst viewers as the English Premier League or the Spanish La Liga, but it is still trendy amongst sports bettors. As one of the most exciting leagues to follow, there is plenty to discuss, namely its attractive qualities and league features.

  • The Bundesliga has been historically dominated by Bayern Munich, who have won 31 titles and have finished as runners-up 10 times.
  • Behind Bayern are FC Nürnberg (9 titles), Borussia Dortmund (8 titles), Schalke 04 (7 titles), Hamburger SC (6 titles), VfB Stuttgart (5 titles), and Borussia Mönchengladbach (5 titles).
  • RB Leipzig and Bayern Leverkusen are the only two still-active clubs that have never won the trophy, but they have finished as runners-up twice and 5 times.
  • The Bundesliga is known for fostering some of the best strikers in the world, but in the history of the competition, no name is as recognizable as Gerd Müller, whose haul of 365 goals from 427 games will likely never be beaten.
  • Besides Gerd Müller, who will go down in history as one of Bundesliga’s greatest players, the league houses some incredible talent even today in Robert Lewandowski, Erling Haaland, Thomas Muller, Joshua Kimmich, Marco Reus, and many more.
  • With 296 career goals to his name, Robert Lewandowski ranks second on the all-time list behind Gerd Müller (365) and is the only still-active player inside the all-time top-5, which includes Klaus Fischer (268) in third, Jupp Heynckes (220) in 4th, and Manfred Burgsmüller (213) in 5th.
  • The Bundesliga consists of 18 teams, each with its stadium, spread across 17 German cities, including Dortmund, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, and Monchengladbach.
  • The only 2 teams who own a stadium in the same city are 2 fierce rivals, Hertha BSC and Union Berlin, who both hail from the German capital.
  • The current biggest stadium is Borussia Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, which seats over 81,300 spectators.
  • There is no such thing as the best bookmakers for Bundesliga wagering, but a few stand out with their special promotions on the league and are worth checking out if you’re betting on the Bundesliga. Those include Paddy Power, Bwin, Parimatch, BetUS, and 1xBet.

Here are a few more things you need to know about the Bundesliga:

  • The Bundesliga often boasts the most goals per game average among Europe’s top 5 leagues (3.14).
  • Each Bundesliga team needs to own a youth academy team that often produces some of Europe’s top players. Examples include Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Sami Khedira, Timo Werner, and more.
  • The Bundesliga averages some of the highest attendance globally, reflected in the teams’ performances at home.
  • The Bundesliga prioritises the integrity of the competition with the 50+1 rule, stating that the club must own the majority of its shares, thus avoiding becoming a private company.

Bottom Line

It wouldn’t be fair to rank one football league above the others and rank it the best, and we’re not here to do that. But the Bundesliga has its charm and is one of the most exciting leagues to watch.

Not only is it the home of one of the world’s most successful football clubs, but the Bundesliga also takes good care of its future by promoting youth development that has already given birth to some of the world’s best football players. We’re not trying to promote Bundesliga’s lower leagues, but as a bettor, you should always keep an eye on young players that get promoted to the main lineup.

Bundesliga’s rich and fascinating history makes it stand out from the rest. While those might be excellent reasons for anyone to start watching it, you can always make the experience even more exciting by betting on Germany’s top-division football league.

If you plan to bet on the Bundesliga, pick the best sportsbook for the Bundesliga wagering and visit the best betting websites to help you make calculated and intelligent decisions.

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