Double-Chance Betting

Double Chance Betting

Smart bettors look for bet types that offer high rewards with low underlying risks. Double-chance betting is based on this concept – maximizing your chance of winning while reducing your losing risks. It is an incredibly popular bet type, but some bettors don`t know or don`t fully understand its basics.

Here is a comprehensive overview of how double-chance bets work.

How Double-Chance Betting Works

Double chance in betting involves choosing 2 possible outcomes from 3 in the same match. For example, suppose that a game between 2 football teams has 3 possible results: Team A wins, Team B wins, or both teams draw. A double-chance bet would cover 2 outcomes: Team A or Team B wins; Team A wins or Draw; or Team B wins or draws.

A double-chance sports bet has 2 main implications for your wagers. Firstly, it reduces your risk of losing – betting on 2 outcomes out of 3 gives you a 66% chance of winning and a 33% chance of losing. Secondly, it reduces your potential winnings, as double-chance bets feature lower odds than stand-alone bets.

Double-Chance Betting Examples

Understanding double-chance bets is easier when you see them working in real life. The following double-chance bet example is based on a double-chance soccer bet on a generic match between Arsenal and Barcelona. The models will be based on 3 possible outcomes: Arsenal wins, Barcelona wins, or draws.

A Winning Double-Chance Bet Example

A 1x bet would win if Arsenal wins or draws. Ax2 bet would win if Barcelona wins or draws. Finally, a 12 bet would win if either team wins.

A Losing Double-Chance Bet Example

Now, suppose that Arsenal draws with Barcelona. 1x and x2 double bets would win because they are based on Arsenal or Barcelona drawing. However, a 12-double-chance wager would lose because it is established on either team winning.

Double-Chance Bet Types

Double-chance bets are categorized into 3 types. Understanding how each type works is crucial to learn the double-chance bet meaning fully. Here is an overview of how each type works:

1x Bet

A 1x double-chance bet is based on the home team winning or drawing. It is recommended when the home team has an upper advantage and the guest team is in great form (meaning it is reasonably likely to win).

x2 Bet

A x2 bet is formed with the guest team winning or drawing. It is recommended when the guest team is in great form at its home ground but still has a credible risk of losing since it is playing away.

12 Bet

A 12 bet is based on either the home team or the guest team winning – drawing is not an option. This bet type is recommended when both teams are in great shape and have high-scoring rates – teams with low-scoring rates are likely to draw.

Double-chance betting is available for most sports.

It is especially popular for ball games, such as football (soccer), basketball, and American football. However, this bet type is more efficient in certain wagers than others. For example, double-chance betting in basketball applies to the final score and several other sets. However, a double chance bet in the NHL is usually limited to 3 main outcomes.

You can place a sports bet double-chance wager on most online sportsbooks. NFL bet double-chance wagering is especially popular among US bookies and bettors. US sportsbooks that offer double-chance betting include FanDuel, Bet365, and BetWay. Most bookies also provide live betting double-chance options.

Double-Chance Betting System: Tips & Tricks to Win

While double-chance betting reduces the risk of losing, winning isn’t guaranteed. Doing your due diligence before betting can help further reduce the risk of losing. Here are five tips and tricks to help you improve your likelihood of winning:

Look at the Stats

Reviewing each team’s statistics will help you identify their strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to make an informed decision. Learning how to calculate double-chance betting is also highly recommendable – fortunately, most bookies have simple calculators that you can use.

Go for High-Scoring Teams for the 12 Bet Option

A double-chance 12 bet asserts that either team can win. However, low-scoring teams are likely to draw, making this bet type risky. Overall, the 12-bet option is mostly recommended for high-scoring teams.

Low Scores Should Have a Draw Option

Low-scoring teams that seem equally matched are likely to draw. To this end, including a draw option (1x bet or x2 wager) for low-scoring teams is prudent.

Check Form of Both Teams

Is one team stronger than the other, or are both teams equally matched? Comparing both teams’ forms will help you make more accurate predictions. It is important to consider all factors when analyzing a team’s form, including its performance playing at home or away.

Choose Matches that are Challenging to Call

Double-chance betting is based on minimizing uncertainty, making it ideal for matches that are difficult to predict. Interestingly, complicated games also usually offer higher odds than easily predictable matches.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Double-Chance Betting

The most notable advantages and drawbacks of double-chance betting include the following:

Pros Cons
  • You increase your likelihood of winning up to 66%.
  • It works in most sports, especially ball games.
  • It also works on live (in-play) games.
  • Outcomes are easier to predict.
  • The odds are slightly lowered compared with stand-alone bets.
  • Wagers only apply to the official playing and stoppage times.

Overall, double-chance betting offers more benefits than disadvantages. It is also worth noting that many bookies increase their odds on double-chance bets, meaning bigger winnings.

Alternatives to Double-Chance Betting

A draw-no-bet (DNB) is one of the best alternatives to double-chance betting. Double-chance vs. draw-no-bet wagers has one striking difference based on the possible outcome of a draw. A draw-no-bet stake eliminates the possibility of a draw – you get your full stake back if the game draws. In contrast, if you place a 12-double-chance hockey bet and the game draws, you will lose your bet.

Is Double Chance Betting Worth It?

Yes, double-chance betting is worth it for various reasons. Firstly, you are likely to win by up to 66%. Secondly, you can use this bet on most sports, especially ball games such as football, basketball, and hockey. Last but not least, the winnings are decent, but this depends on your stake size. Remember to do your due diligence to minimize risks and maximize your likelihood of winning to make double-chance betting worth it.

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