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Dead Pool Betting

Dead Pool Betting Explained

With the exponential growth of the betting industry in recent years comes the thriving of new markets. These options range from unusual sports prop wagers to novelty and special bets. However, with what seems to be the introduction of a morbid form of gambling is dead pool betting.
Sports Betting Roi

Good Sports Betting ROI

Becoming a professional sports bettor with the goal of long-term success means you need to consider the activity as an investment. Since no bettor has an unlimited bankroll, evaluating whether you are losing or making profits at certain intervals is essential. It is where ROI comes in.
Dutching Betting
Football Horse Racing

Dutching Betting Strategy

Success in sports betting is centered on reducing the risk of wagers; hence most betting strategies are bent on achieving this goal. Dutching betting is a common strategy where bettors share the risk of losing across multiple selections instead of one, thereby increasing their chances of winning.
Best Racehorses
Horse Racing

Best Race Horses of All Time

Dating back to 4500 BC, horse racing remains one of the oldest sports in history. It is said to be one of the human activities that pioneered sports betting. Horse racing has become a million-dollar industry, with numerous events held worldwide. Therefore, it goes without mentioning that the sport has seen several horses come and go.
Octopus Bet

Octopus Bet Explained

New prop betting markets have appeared almost daily, especially in popular sports like football. Besides wagering on traditional markets like match or tournament winners in significant football events like the Super Bowl, bettors now have nearly endless betting opportunities in props, from betting on the color of the Gatorade shower to how long the National Anthem will take.
Maria Staking Plan
Horse Racing

Maria Staking Plan Explained

One of the key methods to increase your chances of success in sports betting is to use an effective betting strategy. One of these systems, which has grown popular over the years, is the Maria Lay Staking Plan, an innovative bankroll management method used by a bettor to increase her £3,000 initial bankroll to over £100,000 within 10 months.
Vpn For Sports Betting

VPN for Sports Betting

If you are an experienced bettor, you may already know that certain sportsbooks may be blocked in specific countries or jurisdictions. You can access these geo-blocked betting sites using a reliable VPN service.
Flag Bets
Football Horse Racing

Flag Bet Explained

One of the benefits of online sports betting is that you can choose between a wide range of bet types. These wagers can be placed as a single selection or combined into a multiple bet with other choices for larger payouts. A famous example of these numerous combination wagers is the flag bet.
Same Game
Baseball Basketball Football Ice Hockey

Same-Game Parlays Explained

As the popularity of sports betting increases worldwide, sports betting sites are finding more ways to stand out from their competition. While some rely on their generous bonuses and promotions, others offer players unbeatable betting odds and wagering options. However, some sportsbooks have embraced the once-shunned same-game parlay betting technique.
Bettingexpert Review

Bettingexpert Review

With many online sportsbooks available online, selecting one that is legitimate can be daunting. Luckily, sites like Bettingexpert can help you narrow your options and select a legit betting site with favorable odds. Designed to help punters enjoy their sports wagering experience, has become a popular platform for new and seasoned players.
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