Grand National Odds: Betting Sites & Bonuses

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Find the Best Place to Bet on Grand National
The Grand National is a National Hunt race held yearly at Aintree Racecourse around Liverpool, England. William Lynn discovered the event, and has been significant for placing horse wagers ever since.

Suppose you’re new to wagering on the Grand National horse racing. In that case, you should know that it’s a handicap steeplechase that extends over an official distance of around 4 miles and 2.5 furlongs, with mature horses jumping 30 significant fences for more than two laps. The level of engagement that the game provides makes it suitable for both new and existing punters to place bets.

This write-up reviews the best place to bet on Grand National. You’ll also learn the following in this guide:

  • Grand National betting specials.
  • A complete overview of the competition.
  • Different Grand National bet types.
  • Available offers and promotions.
  • The competition’s bet of the day.
  • Best Grand National betting sites.
  • Steps to wagering on the competition on sportsbooks.

Best Grand National Betting Sites

There are various sportsbooks to place wagers on the Grand National online. Most horse racing websites use special deals to attract new and experienced bettors. They also have unique requirements that punters should meet for each of these wagering platforms.

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Before picking the best betting site for Grand National, you need to consider some vital aspects of the website. For instance, you should ensure that the site has a valid license from a reputable commission. Top sportsbooks for the Grand National usually have a license number indicating they are well-controlled.

One of the most important things a Grand National sportsbook should have is unique offerings for their prospective and existing bettors to increase their chances of winning their wagers. Ensure you go through the terms and conditions of the offerings and the competition wagers.

Significant examples of where to bet on Grand National online include Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, PaddyPower, and Betfred.

Offers and Promotions

Offers and promotions in Grand National sportsbooks are essential. The rewards are meant to attract prospective bettors like that of a Kentucky Derby sportsbook, and they also keep the existing ones engaged in betting in the competition. Note that some bookies have better deals in the game than others. Hence, choosing one with a reasonable and achievable offer for the Grand National is essential.

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In most cases, the offers for new players on the official Grand National betting site are welcome bonuses, while those for existing players are special offers or ongoing promotions. Most horse racing bookies also provide a percentage cash bonus for the first deposit when new bettors create an account. Note that ongoing promotions change from time to time. Hence, it’s essential to stay updated on the latest offerings.

If the Grand National bookie requests a bonus code, please ensure that you use it correctly. Apart from the ongoing promotions, welcome bonuses, or special offers like referral bonuses, other typical deals are the Grand National free bets, no deposit bonuses, and VIP promotions or loyal player rewards for existing and loyal bettors.

Most bettors that get into the Grand National VIP scheme by placing consistent wagers on the competition get rewards like the Grand National free bet offers. The plan has many benefits: a personal account manager, faster payouts, and a closer relationship with customer support. Before getting into the VIP promotion for the Grand National, you need to get enough player points.

Grand National Odds

Understanding how to read and compare Grand National odds before wagering on the horse race competition is essential. Most sportsbooks for the event follow the same odds display style, and they are easy to understand.

Bookies in the Grand National and a competition like the Belmont Stakes usually use the American style of odds instead of other options like fractional or decimal. Like most other websites for horse racing events, the latest odds on Grand National runners are displayed side by side with the trainer, the horse’s name, and sometimes the trainer’s and jockey’s names.

New bettors can take advantage of the competition lineup by reading the odds effectively. Reading the Grand National American odds and fractional odds is straightforward, but ensure you’re using the updated ones. In the competition, horses with fractional odds of 6/1 in the contest signify that you will win $6 for every $1 wager.

Apart from the fractional odds, the American odds display all bookies’ odds for Grand National online. In this method, sportsbooks display the odds with a specific value and symbol, which is conventionally positive (+). For instance, if horses in the Grand National like Red Rum, Foinavon, or Mr. Frisk have an odds value of +1600, you can win $160 off a $10 successful wager.

Sportsbooks for the competition usually derive the best Grand National winners odds for bettors by carefully analysing certain factors. Examples include historical precedents, horse form, jockey form, and trainer’s ability. Generally, they are derived from determining the wagering value of the horse in the competition.

Grand National Specials

The Grand National specials are essential and provide a better strategy to win wagers in the horse race competition. The competition specials differ from the conventional wagering style that most horse race bettors follow.

When betting on the Grand National specials, you may need to understand certain wagering aspects, like analyzing the trainer form or the horse itself. If you’re new to betting on the Grand National lines, you should consider taking full advantage of the specials.

Significant examples of Grand National specials include wagers on the trainer, horse, or jockey. Here’s more detail on betting on the competition specials.


You can wager on the Grand National trainer in the competition if you’re new to horse race wagering. When placing wagers on the trainers, you should understand their skills, form, and records for the individuals. It’s advisable to study the recent trainers in the 2023 competition by categorizing them based on their strengths and weaknesses for the current Grand National betting odds.

The primary purpose of trainers in the Grand National is to focus on their horses’ daily care and conditioning to prepare them for the competition and ensure they are fully conditioned to race effectively. The trainers have the responsibility of ensuring their exercise and proper nutrition. Some trainers better groom their horses to perform a specific Grand National horse racing task.

Placing a bet on the Grand National trainers is very common, and it’s straightforward for most new and existing bettors in bookmakers to take advantage of it because it deals with little effort. If you appropriately study the horse racing competition, including the Grand National trainers’ form and records, it will be easier to make the right choice.


The jockeys are crucial in the Grand National odds comparison and overall wagering. They are responsible for riding the horses in the competition, and their performance level may determine the race’s outcome.

For example, when jockeys are in good form in the competition, the horse’s high tendency is the jockey rides to win the specific race. Like the trainer, you can also analyze the jockeys by reviewing their previous records and other relevant details in the competition.

As a bettor, you can wager on the jockey by following the same steps as that of the trainer in horse races sportsbooks. Placing bets on the jockey is also common because it’s straightforward and involves a small analysis level. Due to the popularity of wagering on the jockey, there’s a high tendency of winning wagers if you take the appropriate steps.


The horse is one of the most important factors to consider when wagering on the Grand National. The horse is a significant determinant of the success of the entire race. A horse that performs well is usually due to the trainer’s ability and the jockeys, including the previous ones.

If the jockey is in bad form, there’s a lesser tendency for the appropriate horse to win the Grand National. It would help if you took advantage of wagering on the horse race because it offers a higher possibility to win the wager.

Both amateur and experienced bettors have a high chance of wagering on the Grand National horses without employing long odds analysis steps. When betting on the horse, you can use common bet types that work well for you, including the place, win, and other exotic wagers.

When placing a bet on the Grand National today, you can follow the hints that expert punters or a predictor provide. You may also engage in hedging your wager. If you’re experienced in horse race betting, you may go for the straight bet on the horse, which is conventionally the win bet. For new bettors, the show bet may also work correctly. This write-up lets you know more about these popular bet types.

Before using any specific bet type, it’s advisable to analyze the odds to know the best step, resulting in matched betting. There are various kinds of wagers to explore in the Grand National horse race that offer a higher winning chance.

Choosing a specific bet type should depend on your experience level of placing wagers on the competition. Most new punters select the bet types with a lesser risk of losing but higher payouts.

When exploring the various available bet types on the odds to win the Grand National, you should understand how each of them works. Understanding the wager types’ working strategy should be a priority for better results in the horse race event.

Significant examples of the bet types in this Grand National betting guide include the win, place, show, or each way, Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta, and Superfecta.

Here are some vital things you should learn for a better knowledge of the various bet types.


The win bet is a complicated kind of wager, but it can be straightforward for bettors who understand how horse race betting works. In the Grand National, this wager is very common among the new bettors that want a large payout with a high risk.

It involves picking the winner of the Grand National race and may require the proper use of expert predictions. If you’re new to wagering on the competition and want to avoid large risks, you may need to consider other bet types.


The place wager is equally vital and straightforward as the win wagers in the Grand National horse race. If you’re using the place bet, you should note that it involves picking a specific horse to finish among the final 2 winners (horses) in the competition.

One of the best Grand National bets is the place kind of wager because it gives punters a higher probability of success than the win. Note that the place bet gives a lesser payout than the win bet because it involves picking the two horses to win the race.


The show bet is the easiest type of wager in the Grand National. This kind of stake involves the first three winners in the horse race. Unlike the win and the place wagering types in Grand National, the show bet has a smaller payout because it involves a lower risk. Hence, if you’re new to wagering on the competition, the show wager is more comfortable and could lead to a larger win probability.


In Grand National wagering, the Exacta is one of the exotic wagers you should try. It involves choosing the top 2 various winners (horses) to come first or second. Note that the Exacta bet may be challenging because your selections should come in the right order.

If picking 2 horses in the right order is challenging for you in the Grand National, you may decide to “box” your Exacta. When you box your Exacta, you will get the results if any of the top 2 horses you pick finishes in the first or the second place, in no particular order.


The Quinella wager is less common than the Grand National’s Exacta, but it’s a more simplified form for amateur bettors in the horse race competition. In the Grand National, wagering using the Quinella means placing a bet on the two finishers/horses in the race. The Quinella and the Exacta significant difference is that the Quinella allows bettors to cross the game wire.


In the Grand National, the Trifecta is one of the exotic bet types in horse racing. The Trifecta requires choosing 3 horses that pass the finish post in the appropriate order. Both amateur and experienced bettors can use the Trifecta for higher payouts because it involves high risk. Before choosing the Trifecta bet, ensure you understand the win, place, and show wagers.

In the Grand National, there’s a probability that new bettors may not know how to pick the finishers of the race in the right order. Hence, you may box your Trifecta if you can’t choose the proper order of race finishers. When a punter boxes the Trifecta, there’s a higher probability of winning the bet on the Grand National.


The Superfecta is one of the most complicated exotic wagers for the Grand National betting deals. In the competition, the Superfecta involves an accurate selection of the top 4 finishers of the race. Hence, if you don’t know the Trifecta, Quinella, and other exotic wagers in the Grand National, you should reconsider using the Superfecta bet type.

Bet of the Day

The Grand National bet of the day is the most certain wager from the day’s fixtures in the horse races. Every punter, including the new and the experienced ones, can benefit mainly from the day’s bet because it’s easy to understand.


How to Bet on Grand National

Bookies in the Grand National usually follow the same technique for placing wagers in the competition. These websites ensure that punters are above a specific age and meet other significant requirements before placing bets on the contest. There are various methods to follow in wagering on the event, and they are all straightforward.

Here are the steps to follow on how to bet on the Grand National using a sportsbook:

  • Create an account with a betting site.
  • Login to the trusted Grand National bookie
  • Make a deposit using any payment method.
  • Place the wager.

Betting Apps

The best betting app for Grand National makes wagering on the competition easier than desktop applications. Mobile applications are useful in various areas like the Scottish or Welsh regions, and you can use them at different times. Most of the available features, including the offers and promotions in the desktop apps, are usually available in mobile ones.

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Note that some bookies may not provide a mobile app to bet on Grand National. When a specific sportsbook doesn’t offer an app for wagering on the competition, there’s usually a mobile responsive website that includes all the significant functions in conventional apps.

Mobile responsive sites or apps are compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. For a better experience wagering on the competition, ensure that you’re using the recent versions of the Android OS and the iOS.

Grand National Betting Picks

The Grand National picks are derived from experts in the horse racing field, and they are very suitable for new bettors. With the picks, you have a higher chance of winning your wager as an inexperienced punter. Ensure you get the picks from top sportsbooks in the industry.

Grand National Betting Tips & Predictions

The Grand National betting tips and predictions are suitable for both new and experienced bettors in horse racing. You can liken the tips to a piece of advice for better results. Ensure that you follow the tips the sportsbooks provide to the letter to get the best outcomes.

Many experienced and amateur punters use tips and predictions because they don’t deal with lengthy analyses or calculations before deciding what works best.

Virtual Grand National

The Virtual Grand National is different from the conventional Aintree’s steeplechase. It’s a computer-simulated variation from Inspired Entertainment. You can wager on the Virtual Grand National just like it’s straightforward to bet on the competition itself.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a feature in most sportsbooks for the Grand National runners and odds, and it adds a significant level of entertainment to wagering. Major websites like Bet365, Betfair, Coral, and Ladbrokes offer streaming services to punters in the competition. You should use the live streaming feature to taste live action while wagering.

Grand National Overview

The Grand National is one of the major horse racing competitions not in England but worldwide. You can use straight wagers or exotic bet types to place horse racing bets. Both new and expert bettors may also take advantage of the tips and Grand National predictions for better event outcomes.

Here are some exciting details about the competition that you should know:

  • Some famous and titled jockeys in the Grand National include Jem Mason, Bartholomew Brotherton, Tom Oliver, John Crickmere, William Loft, Josey Little, and Chris Green.
  • Popular Grand National trainers include George Dockeray, William Vevers, Kitty Crisp, John Murphy, Tom Eskrett, and Tom Oliver.
  • Some of the top winning horses in the competition, including the Tiger Roll, One For Arthur, Rule The World, Many Clouds, Pineau De Re, Auroras Encore, and Neptune Collonges.
  • The Grand National is a steeplechase competition in the Aintree racecourse. Other similar contests include Irish Grand National, the Maryland Hunt Cup, and Grand Steeplechase de Paris.
  •  The Grand National takes place in the Aintree Racecourse in Aintree at Merseyside.
  • Suitable sportsbooks for the Grand National include Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, and PaddyPower.
  • The event wasn’t held in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Grand National is the most valuable horse race in Europe, with a million pounds prize fund.

Bottom Line

The Grand National is a significant event providing many wagering possibilities for amateur and expert punters. For the best betting outcomes, you should take advantage of the specials and the available Grand National tips and predictions in the appropriate sportsbook. Please ensure that the horses you’re wagering on will run in the race to avoid the no-runner, no-bet scenarios. Pick a sportsbook now and enjoy the benefits of wagering on this competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Grand National?
    The Grand National is a handicap steeplechase that runs over 4 miles and 2.5 furlongs. The competition is a National Hunt horse race, and it is held every year at the Aintree Racecourse. It’s also possible to wager on different possibilities in the event.
  • What are the odds for the Grand National?
    Burrows Saint is one of the top horses, according to PaddyPower, with odds of 12/1. Other horses like Secret Reprieve have odds of 14/1; Tiger Roll has odds of 12/1, while Santini has 14/1. It’s essential to stay updated on the competition’s odds for a reasonable wagering outcome.
  • Where can I bet on Grand National?
    You can bet on Grand National using any online sportsbook. Ensure you meet the age requirement for creating an account with a bookie for the competition. Significant examples of websites for the Grand National include Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, and PaddyPower.
  • How much money is a bet on the Grand National?
    According to the 2019 betting records, punters are set to spend over £300 million. The bet on the Grand National may vary from one bettor to the other, and the higher the wager, the higher the win. Ensure that you wager on a minimum of $2 for the Grand National.
  • How to bet on Grand National?
    The least good bet at the Grand National is $2. You can decide to wager on a higher amount for a bigger payout. Ensure you hedge your bets on the competition.
  • How to fill out a betting slip at Grand National?
    It would help if you collected a slip from the counter to fill out on the Grand National. After taking the coupon, write down the details, including the race’s time and place, including the horse you’ll be placing a wager on for the competition. Ensure that you also input the amount that you want to stake.
  • Where can I bet on virtual Grand National?
    You can bet on the virtual race with several major betting sites like William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, and Betfair. Note that you cannot wager on the Grand National if you don’t meet the age requirement. Ensure that you go through the available terms and conditions on the platforms.
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