KSW Odds: Betting Sites & Bonuses

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Find the Best Place to Bet on KSW
This guide teaches you where to find the best KSW betting sites and how to read KSW betting odds, and ultimately provides you with all the information you’ll need to place smart wagers on mixed martial arts fights.

Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki, better known as KSW, is a premier mixed martial arts fight promotion in Poland and one of Europe’s leading MMA organizations. Established in 2004 by Martin Lewandowski and Maciej Kawulski, KSW quickly gained recognition as one of the best and toughest MMA organizations, known for its immense popularity.

In 2017, KSW 39: Colosseum featured one of the largest live attendance to an MMA event in Europe, with 57,776 fans attending the event. Since it is one of the most famous European MMA organizations, it should be no surprise that KSW is also big in MMA betting.

For many, betting on KSW fights is their favourite pastime; for others, it’s a way to make a living. And while there is a huge gap between the 2 worlds, any casual bettor can profit by placing an occasional KSW bet.

Today, we teach you everything you need to know about how to bet on KSW and how you can make a profit. By reading through this post, you will learn:

  1. Where to find the best KSW bookies?
  2. How to read KSW fight odds?
  3. What bets are available?
  4. Where to find the best KSW betting tips?

Best KSW Betting Sites

The list of MMA sportsbooks is very long, so it’s not hard to find a sportsbook that will accept your KSW bets. But before you go and blindly pick one of the bookies, there are a few things you should look out for.

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First and foremost, you need to pick a legal and regulated sportsbook, and you should always choose a bookmaker with enough betting lines and competitive KSW betting odds to get the most of your wagers. Besides that, it’s also wise to pick a bookmaker with promotions, and free bonus bets can add a bit more value to your betting endeavour.

The best advice we can give you for picking the MMA bookmaker is to take your time and not register on the first bookie that offers KSW or PFL odds but instead look through all the bookmaker’s features.

Offers & Promotions

Offers and promotions are not the most important feature of a sportsbook, but they shouldn’t be overlooked. If you plan to bet on KSW, it’s wise to pick bookies that will offer extra promotions, odds boosts, and even free bonus bets on KSW fights, giving you an edge when placing your wagers.

Admittedly, most bookmakers won’t have promotions ready for every KSW fight; however, you can be sure that all major bookies, such as William Hill and MyBookie, will have sort of promotions and bonuses for big contests. So while you can’t go wrong by registering for one of the big-brand bookies for betting on KSW fights, you should take your time and pick a betting site that will offer both great odds and as many promotions on KSW as possible.

Here is our list of the top betting sites with the best KSW wagering offers and promotions.

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KSW Odds

Bookmakers set the KSW betting odds the same way they provide odds on any MMA fight, meaning the bookies carefully analyze fighters’ stats, their form, the head-to-head record, and all other information they can get. Most sportsbooks even ask for betting experts’ help to understand better what to expect in the next fight and set the KSW betting line accordingly.

But since bookies don’t have access to the same information, they will offer different KSW odds on the same fight.

That is why you must do some price shopping, i.e., look around several bookies to find the best odds before you place a wager. For example, if you want to bet on Phil De Fries and see Betway offering 8/11 while Betsafe has De Fries priced at 4/5, you would naturally want to get the higher odds with Betsafe.

You would get only a minor increased payout in this instance, but those slight differences can add up in the long run. But before you can do all that, you need to understand which bet types are available.

Betting on KSW fights, like wagering on any other MMA event, offers plenty of betting markets to explore, providing you with enough diversity of bets to make the correct wager.

As someone who has just gotten into betting, sticking to the most common wagers, such as moneyline and over/under, is the smartest choice. But once you get comfortable betting on KSW, you can dig deeper into the betting markets and start using proposition bets, which open a whole way of wagering on mixed martial arts.


A Moneyline bet, also known as a “to win” wager, is the simplest bet you can make on a KSW fight. With it, you’re predicting which fighter will win the fight, and it doesn’t matter how he does it – either via KO, TKO, disqualification, or any other means.

You will find KSW moneyline bets on the front page of the KSW betting markets, often located at the top of the bake on most MMA bookmakers.

Total (Over/Under)

Total (over/under) wager expands your betting options, allowing you to predict more than just who will win the fight. Most commonly, with the over/under bet, you will indicate how long the battle will last.

In KSW, there are 3 5-minute rounds, so unless the fight features a heavy favourite and a huge underdog, the KSW betting line will be set at 2.5. With it, you can predict whether the fight will reach the 3rd round.

Prop Bets

Once you get familiar with the most popular bet types on KSW, you can start exploring the prop (or proposition) wagers, which offer new ways of betting on KSW. The prop bets are divided into round props and outcome props and include:

  • Will there be a KO?
  • Will the fight end with a technical decision?
  • Will the battle go the distance?
  • In which round will the fight end?
  • Will the battle end in a draw?
  • Will the fight end with a submission?

There is no limit to what proposition bets can cover, and it often relies solely on the bookie’s imagination. So if you like betting on props, it’s wise to pick a bookmaker known for a solid selection of proposition bets.


With a parlay wager, you combine multiple bets into one. For example, you can connect a moneyline stake on Darko Stošić, Tomasz Narkun, and Michał Materla into a single bet.

You’re creating one bet that will only win if all your selections are correct with a parlay. Even though parlays are tougher to hit, they offer significantly higher betting odds by multiplying the odds of each selection and offering you a much higher potential payout.

For example, placing a €100 bet on a parlay that combines 3 fights at odds 1/2, 3/4, and 3/1 can earn you a €1050 payout and a €950 profit.

How to Bet on KSW

Anyone with access to a sportsbook and is of legal age can place a wager on KSW, but you need to get good at it to make a profit. Becoming a KSW betting expert takes time, and you won’t become one overnight, but you can take a few steps to speed up the process.

  1. Find a good sportsbook.
  2. Consider registering at several bookmakers – for price shopping.
  3. Watch the fights and familiarise yourself with the fighters.
  4. Follow MMA betting experts and their wagering picks.
  5. Get as much information on the fights as possible – stats, news.
  6. Find a betting strategy and stick to it.
  7. Never overbet, and learn to manage your bankroll.

Once you learn how to bet on KSW, you can safely wager on any MMA, meaning you can start exploring UFC, Bellator, and even PFL and place smart bets. But while betting on any of the 3 is the same, you should know that the different organizations feature different fighters.

KSW Live Betting & Live Streaming

Live betting is a great way to spice up your wagering endeavour, and like you can live bet on football, in-play bets can also be placed on KSW. Note that this may not be available on all online sportsbooks, so you should check whether the sportsbook offers the feature.

Live betting on KSW can be exciting, and if done properly, it can also be highly lucrative. But before you place in-play wagers, you should find a reliable stream of the fights, so you can follow the action and find the right moment to place down a stake. Luckily, most online sportsbooks that accept in-play KSW bets will also have live streams of the fights – but know that not all will.

There are a couple of things to know when betting in-play, mainly that the odds will constantly change, so you will have to be on alert and not make a mistake when placing your bet. That’s why it’s important to have a solid internet connection and wager on an online bookmaker with a stable website.

So while in-play betting is tougher than pre-match betting, it can be much more profitable for those who recognize opportunities and place wagers at solid odds.

KSW Betting Tips & Predictions

Even though a KSW match can have only 2 outcomes, picking the right bet can be tricky. There is a lot to consider before you make your bet, and there are many things you need to check first.

That includes the fighters’ stats, form, and relevant news that might affect their upcoming performances. If you want to bet on only a couple of fights on the card, this process shouldn’t take too long, but finding every piece of information on the fighters can be a tedious task if you’re in to bet on every fight on the day.

That is why it’s wise to search for betting previews or other wagering articles from KSW betting experts, which are excellent sources of information. Although you should always do your research and bet on what you think is right, it never hurts to get a second opinion.

And if you find a betting expert who is good at picking winners, you can follow his tips and profit from doing very little research work.

KSW Overview

Before you start betting on KSW, knowing a thing or 2 about the organization is wise. So here are a few interesting facts about Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki.

  • Although Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki is a Polish MMA organization, it features many exceptional international talents, including Phil De Fries, Roberto Soldić, Salahdine Parnasse, Scott Askham, Ibragim Chuzhigaev, Daniel Acácio, Houston Alexander, and Ariane Lipski.
  • KSW is one of the largest MMA organizations, a title it shares with Bellator, UFC, Absolute Championship Akhmat, One Championship, and Cage Warriors.
  • As a Polish MMA organization, KSW hosts most of its events in Poland; however, it has gone abroad and hosted fighting events in England, Ireland, and Croatia, in the past.
  • A long list of MMA sportsbooks will accept your KSW bet, but for casual bettors, who also wager on other sports, the most common bookmakers for KSW betting include Bet365, William Hill, LVBet, Betway, FanDuel, and DraftKings.
  • KSW’s ring announcer is a famous Polish rapper, Waldemar Kasta.
  • In the past, KSW has fostered fighters who would join the UFC and have highly successful careers.
  • KSW owns its fight team, KSW Team, which consists of some of the promotions’ best fighters in Krzysztof Kulak, Łukasz Jurkowski, Mamed Khalidov, and Jan Błachowicz.

Bottom Line

KSW offers an excellent gateway into MMA betting for anyone who has yet to bet on combat sports. Still, it’s also highly popular amongst experienced bettors, who can find excellent value in betting on Europe’s best MMA fighters.

KSW has up to 6 events per year, each with a healthy fight card, so there will always be something to bet on, and there’s enough time between the events for you to gather all the needed information on the fighters to make a smart bet. And if you learn how to wager on Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki, you can safely start betting on any other MMA promotion, including Bellator, UFC, Cage Warriors, and more.

We hope our article has shed some light on how to approach betting on KSW and provided you with enough information to know where to find the best KSW betting sites and how to locate the best wager.

Equipped with all that knowledge, you’re set to visit your preferred bookie and start betting on Poland’s premier MMA organization!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is KSW?
    KSW, or Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki, is one of the largest MMA organizations in Europe and the premier MMA promotion in Poland.
  • Where can I bet on KSW online?
    You can bet on KSW on any online bookmaker that provides MMA betting markets, including Bet365, William Hill, Unibet, 888sport, Betway, and more.
  • How to bet on KSW fights?
    You can approach betting on KSW fights in many different ways, including with moneyline and over/under bets. In addition, more experienced bettors will also bet with propositions, which offer a new way of wagering and even more betting opportunities.
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