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Find the Best Place to Bet on Tennis

As one of the top sports in the past few decades, tennis has become popular among online bookies. Its popularity has primarily been fueled by the performance of the big three in the past 10 years. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic have done things that have never been done before. Thanks to their records, punters love spending their money at the best tennis betting sites.

Our guide to the top tennis bookies will tell you everything you need to know about betting on the sport. We’ll give tips and pointers for the top tennis bookmakers and how to put your money into the best tournaments. Most importantly, we’ll show you how to bet on the Grand Slams and every ATP and WTA tournament.

List of Tennis Bookmakers

BetZillion’s guide to the best betting sites for tennis has one goal: giving you the best sportsbooks where you can bet on tennis. The platforms on our page have fantastic bonuses, free tips and predictions, and the best tennis odds in the world.

100% up to €122
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They feature both pre-match and live bets for all the major tournaments. Many of our recommended sites have blogs where experts share their opinions about the top tennis events and contests and how the stars will perform. Whether you want to bet on Wimbledon or the French Open, BetZillion’s guide to tennis betting is explained in detail.

Oh, and let’s not forget that our tennis bookies have the top offers and promotions. You can earn plenty of cash to burn at the top matches.

Tennis Free Bets & Promotions

Like cricket bookmakers or basketball sportsbooks, top tennis betting sites will offer many free bets and promos. Some of these will be handed out to new punters; others are reserved for regulars. No matter what you are, you stand to earn more than a single bonus.

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It begins with free bet tennis offers, usually shelled out to new punters. Sign up and deposit, and you’ll get a solid bonus. Not all work in the same way, but the best ones do. While rare, you may also earn a no deposit bonus or free bet, which is the Holy Grail at a tennis bookie.

You should claim all bonuses that you can but under one condition. Never miss the terms and regulations – if you don’t read them, you won’t be able to finish the wagering and keep what you win with the bonus.

Tennis Bet of the Day

Visit a tennis sportsbook from our pages, and you may find a section called a bet of the day. A tennis bet of the day is recommended for the best odds on tennis you can put your money on today. They work great when paired with expert tennis betting tips for today, allowing you to put your money into a match recommended by experts.


Of course, you should research it, not just trust these bets blindly. A bit of ‘homework’ is also required as you can’t put your faith entirely in others’ opinions.

How does Tennis Betting Work?

Tennis betting is not very different from football or basketball betting. There are a few key differences. Tennis is an individual sport, not a team one, so everything depends on the players’ momentary inspiration. If you’re wondering how to bet on tennis online, it’s like betting on swimming or any individual sport. It means that there are plenty of single markets, whether in-play or fixed ones we’re talking.

The ‘mechanics’ are no different than any other type of sports betting. You bet on either player’s odds or pick one of the tournament markets. If you’ve ever placed a bet at basketball sportsbooks or elsewhere, you shouldn’t have much trouble betting on tennis bookies.

If you don’t know where to start, the tennis bets of the day are a good starting point.

Tennis Odds

The odds on tennis are mostly individuals since it’s an individual sport. Of course, odds are on offer for tournaments and events, including outright winners, which are quite popular among tennis bettors.

Our recommended sites have the best tennis odds in the industry. That’s only one reason you should bet on them. They also offer tips and predictions to help you make the right call in those high-profile matches between the top 10 tennis players.

Tennis Betting Apps

Nowadays, punters are much more likely to bet on tennis from their phones rather than their PCs or computers. Mobile app betting allows you to place bets anytime and anywhere. These bets are free to download and very easy to install. They work smoothly on Android and iOS devices, even older mobile phones and tablets.

As long as you have a stable Internet connection, you can place a bet on US Open odds or any other tournament from anywhere in the world.

How to Bet on Tennis

Betting on tennis is not complicated at all. Everything takes place online, and bookies in 2021 are more straightforward than ever. Follow these instructions to place your first bet on tennis:

  • Register at a bookmaker from our list;
  • Make your first deposit;
  • Check if there is a bonus to claim;
  • Find the tournament you want to bet on and put your money on it;
  • Wait for the match to end and collect your winnings.

You have pre-match and live tennis odds to take into consideration. The latter is much more exciting right now, but pre-match odds have their charm too.

Tennis Live Betting

Tennis is a perfect choice of sport for live betting. There are plenty of tournaments all year round, and each match can stretch for hours, which makes it excellent for live bets. Live tennis betting is pretty common nowadays, with many bookies offering live streams for all the matches. It goes double for the Grand Slams that offer top-tier action between the top 10 players in the world.

Try live tennis betting if you haven’t done it before. The odds are great, and you might even be able to watch the matches live, which makes it even better.

The most popular tennis competitions you can bet on are the Grand Slams. There are 4 each year:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open

These are the most prestigious tennis tournaments where all the stars take place. They often feature the best tennis betting odds you can get. Each Grand Slam final is among the most-watched sports events globally and very popular to bet on.

Besides the majors, there are plenty of important ATP and WTA events that span throughout the tennis season.

Fantasy Tennis Sites

Fantasy tennis is not as popular as fantasy football sites, but there’s still an active community. Bookies will offer a contest at the biggest tournaments in the sport and rare markets that are a tennis fan’s dream.

You can make fantasy tennis betting predictions on it and earn money in return without needing to bet on a match-winner. If you haven’t tried it before, now’s the time.

Online Tennis Betting vs Offline Bookmakers

There’s an ever-lasting debate over which tennis bookmakers are better – offline or online. We’d go with the second for many reasons. First and foremost, you can easily join a betting site online and bet on hundreds of markets with excellent odds. You can also read tennis bookies reviews on the web to make a better choice.

Tennis betting shops were still prevalent in 2021, but they are a dying breed that online betting sites will replace.

Tennis Bet Types

There are plenty of markets in tennis betting you can put your money on. While most reflect the same markets for any other sport, some are different and much more exciting.

To Win

It is a match-winner market that lets you predict who wins the game. For example, in a Federer-Nadal final, you can pick the former or latter to win the match and hopefully raise money.

Race to

The race to bet type allows you to predict who wins the race to the final of a tennis tournament or event.

Set Score

Tennis is played in sets, with 3 wins usually required to gain the match (2 in some tournaments). Besides picking the match-winner, you can bet on the set score and win money without waiting for a game to end.

Over/Under (Total Games in a Set)

The over/under market allows you to put your money on the total games played in a tennis match set.

Tennis Betting Tips & Predictions

If you want to be successful in tennis betting and win frequently, you’ll need to read tips and predictions. The good news is that many of the best tennis sportsbooks on our list have blogs run by experts that recommend tips for all the matches in every tournament.

Reading these will give you a clearer idea of what might happen in that match or who wins the tournament. Don’t underestimate the importance of every tip or prediction. Use them to your advantage, and you might win more of your bets than you had hoped for.

A good tennis betting blog will offer advice on the latest games and possibly a strategy. With these tips and a plan, you should minimize your losses and optimize profits.

Live Tennis Streaming Sites

As mentioned, the best tennis betting sites will also offer live streaming of the biggest matches. It goes especially for finals or derby matches between Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Tsitsipas, or any of the world’s top players.

Watching the matches live as you spend money on tennis betting lines is a great idea. You’ll be able to tell which way the game is swinging and adjust your bets accordingly. By watching live streams, you’ll also see if you need to cash out early or stick with your wagers for the long run.

While live streaming is not available at all bookies, the top ones such as Coral, Betfair, Bovada, and Ladbrokes have it. These are also some of the top tennis live betting sites on the market.

If you join a legal tennis betting site, you can legally bet on tennis online. Most countries have allowed betting online, and the same rules go for football, tennis, or whatever you want to bet on.

Even if online betting is not legal in your country, you can find an offshore betting site to place your money on Rafael Nadal’s odds or any other top players without worrying about legal repercussions.

Biggest Tennis Bet Win

Bookies haven’t released any information about any major tennis wins. However, we’re sure massive wins have happened at best in-play tennis betting sites. Live odds are usually higher, especially on obscure markets. Many bettors prefer handicap markets or an accumulator as the gateway to huge wins.

Since there’s no information on such a record, you should go for an Acca. Maybe you’ll be the next lucky tennis betting millionaire.

Tennis Rules

Tennis is a ball game played against 2 players. These are single matches – there are also doubles with 2 players per side. The goal is to win 4 points in a game successfully. The player who wins 6 games first with at least 2 games away from the opponent wins the set. If the score is tied (6-6), a tiebreaker is played under the same rules, but each point counts as a game this time.

While it looks complicated on the surface, tennis is a simple game. Watch a match or 2, and you will learn the rules by heart with ease.

Tennis Overview

Tennis is one of the classiest sports of them all. Often called the white sport for the formal attire required at some tournaments, it’s a slow-burning but fun sport with plenty of twists and turns.

Below you can see a few fun tennis facts you didn’t know before.

  • The most popular competitions in the sport are the Grand Slams – French Open (Roland Garros), Wimbledon (UK Open), US Open, and Australian Open;
  • The big trio of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic are possibly the best tennis players. Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, Venus Williams, Steffi Graf, Serena Williams, Simona Halep, Caroline Wozniacki, Boris Becker, Pete Sampras, and Andre Agassi are also worth a mention as successful players in the past few decades;
  • Tennis is popular everywhere around the world, but mainly in Spain, France, Australia, and the USA;
  • The most similar sports to tennis are badminton, squash, racquetball, and soft tennis;
  • If you want to bet legally on tennis online, your best options are William Hill, Bet365, Bodog, Bovada, and Coral, among other bookies;
  • Tennis is an Olympic sport, with men’s and women’s matches played at Summer Olympics.

Bottom Line

BetZillion’s guide to tennis betting is an excellent way for new players to learn more about the sport and how to bet on it. We covered all the essential stuff regarding betting on the white sport. From tennis handicap betting to live betting odds and markets, you will find everything you need on this site.

Of course, our experts also covered the top bonuses and offers at tennis bookmakers and pinpointed the best tennis betting sites you can join. Pick any from BetZillion’s list, and you can count on the best odds on tennis matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I bet on tennis?
    You can bet on tennis online at any recommended bookmakers in this guide.
  • Which tennis betting website is the best?
    We can’t tell you which tennis bookmaker is the best. Check them all out and bring that decision by yourself.
  • How do you bet on a tennis match?
    To bet on a tennis match, the most straightforward market would be to pick the winner. Other markets to spend money on include handicaps, live markets, over/under, and more.
  • How to read tennis odds?
    Tennis odds are usually represented in decimal format, but that depends on the bookies. Choose the form you’re most accustomed to, and you’ll have no trouble betting on your favorite players.
  • Which is the best betting site in Australia?
    Plenty of bookies accept AUD and Aussies that can be called the best. If you ask us, Bet365 is undoubtedly worth a try. However, it’s best to try a few sites and then choose one where you can bet on the biggest tennis matches.
  • What is a walkover in tennis?
    A walkover in tennis refers to one of 2 ways of voluntarily forfeiting a match. It involves a player informing the umpire of their intention not to play in a scheduled game, usually for medical and physical health reasons.
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